Author: Medi Team

  • Yeah Yeah, We All Know About HIPAA But…

    The phone is ringing. The doctor’s eyes open, but she finds it hard to focus. She glances at the clock and sees that it’s 4:30 in the morning. Panicked, she picks up the phone, but doesn’t recognize the number. She answers. And while it wasn’t the life or death emergency she feared, it’s a whole different kind of disaster — […]

  • MediSolutions Executives Participate in PM360 Roundtable on Achieving Brand Loyalty

    MediSolutions was proud to sponsor PM360’s 2015 Brand Champion Roundtable which took place before the Trailblazers Awards Gala last September. The Brand Champion Award Winners along with participants from MediSolutions gathered to discuss the latest trends and methods to improve patient engagement and achieve brand loyalty among all consumers. PM360’s Common Sense columnist, Bud Bilanich, […]

  • Why Can’t The Doctor Afford To See You Now?

    Imagine this. They asked you to arrive 15 minutes early, which you did, but only to sit there in the waiting room for another 45, totaling an hour of what seems like a lot of wasted time. The nurse finally calls your name, and you follow her to a small room where she offers you […]

  • John Spingler Predicts the Future of Healthcare Marketing in PM360

    Predicting the future of healthcare marketing is no easy task, but PM360 magazine asked ten industry experts, including MediSolutions’ own John Spingler, to do just that for its March Think Tank column. John offers his predictions on what healthcare marketers will need to do better in 2016 and beyond. According to John first and foremost, […]