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  • Yeah Yeah, We All Know About HIPAA But…

    The phone is ringing. The doctor’s eyes open, but she finds it hard to focus. She glances at the clock and sees that it’s 4:30 in the morning. Panicked, she picks up the phone, but doesn’t recognize the number. She answers. And while it wasn’t the life or death emergency she feared, it’s a whole different kind of disaster — […]

  • Why Can’t The Doctor Afford To See You Now?

    Imagine this. They asked you to arrive 15 minutes early, which you did, but only to sit there in the waiting room for another 45, totaling an hour of what seems like a lot of wasted time. The nurse finally calls your name, and you follow her to a small room where she offers you […]

  • The True Challenges of Living with Epilepsy

    It can happen so quickly. You step outside to get the mail, and when you come back in the door, you know something’s wrong. You call out, but there’s no response. Dropping magazines and bills and running towards the stairs, you already know what’s happened. Skipping two steps at a time, you keep hoping it […]

  • Expert Perspectives: How Important are Communication Skills in a Medical Office?

    Imagine your day is interrupted by a phone call. You’re told to rush to the hospital because one of your family members has been seriously injured in a car accident. They’ll need surgery—brain surgery. You’ve been thrust into a stressful situation and your mind is racing. You have fears. You have questions. The health of […]

  • A Day in the Life of the Doctor’s Front Desk

    The phone is ringing. There are three people standing in line waiting to register. The last patient has a new insurance card, and while you’re sure it’s valid, the fax machine isn’t working and you can’t get a confirmation. You have someone on hold that insists she must see the doctor this afternoon, even though […]