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  • How Can We Celebrate All Caregivers on the Patient’s Journey?

    They are on their way to the hospital. It’s all too quick, the way it happened. The migraines, the irregular blood tests that came back from the pediatrician. No information just more questions. While driving, many thoughts ran through their minds… is there a quick fix – a pill, magic, something to bring life back to “normal?” At the hospital there […]

  • Did You Remember to Thank Your Nurse? You Really Should.

    As a nurse, it can feel like the world is on your shoulders when you’re only halfway through a 12-hour shift, you’re short a registered nurse and an aide, every bed in your wing is full, charts are starting to pile up, two patients are buzzing for help, someone’s grandmother is wandering the halls, and […]

  • Powerful digital collaboration tools that doctors actually value

    Although patients expect them to, doctors don’t always have the answer. Most of the time, they do, but sometimes they take educated guesses, and every once in a while, a case baffles them. For example, ER doctors have to know a little about a lot of medical issues, so you can stabilize a patient and […]

  • How can patients help doctors deliver better care?

    Imagine a patient comes into your office and tells you that she has been experiencing a weird sensation in her arms, accompanied by a rash. The rash is only present when the sensation occurs, and it only happens once or twice a week. You run a blood test and everything appears to be normal. You […]

  • Patient Stories: How to Treat the Person, Not Just the Disease

    So imagine, here you are, a normal nine year old, just a kid like everyone else in school. Of course that is until your migraines kick in, but you don’t think anything of it. They’re just headaches, nothing crazy, those run in the family. Your mom and dad take you to your pediatrician. She does an examination, runs […]