John Spingler Predicts the Future of Healthcare Marketing in PM360

Predicting the future of healthcare marketing is no easy task, but PM360 magazine asked ten industry experts, including MediSolutions’ own John Spingler, to do just that for its March Think Tank column. John offers his predictions on what healthcare marketers will need to do better in 2016 and beyond. According to John first and foremost, healthcare marketers must systematically learn to forget their pasts.“Currently, most of the top healthcare companies have systems in place that are designed to support marketing from the perspective of a brand and sometimes a company or franchise (for those that have a specific focus on a given therapeutic class or disease they are attempting to take on with a therapeutic solution).

But many recent changes, and those to come in the future, will be driven by government regulations and payer influence. Increasingly, the payer is going to be the patient. The vast majority of these changes are meant to improve the efficiency of healthcare delivery, and are designed to make care a personal endeavor versus the “Mass Market” one-size-fits-all medicine that has generated considerable revenue for companies developing products for conditions affecting large patient populations.”

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