John Spingler Shares Perspective on an Outcomes-based Sales Model in PharmaVOICE

How can pharmaceutical sales teams be part of the solution to improving patient outcomes? The feature Marketing article in the March issue of PharmaVOICE addresses this critical question. MediSolutions Solutions Consultant John Spingler offers his perspective on the need for reps to broaden their focus to include other stakeholders.

There has already been a slight shift toward a more service-oriented sales team model, and some sales agents today are delivering value to physicians in the form of patient reimbursement programs and other value-added programs, says John Spingler, solutions consultant, MediSolutions. But focusing on the physician does not go far enough these days. Reps need to look beyond the doctor’s office to the broader network of buyers and influencers.

“The average sales representative today uses a variety of solutions — co-pay cards, reimbursement programs, and so on — to impact the patient,” Mr. Spingler says. “But drug companies need to enable and address a bigger data set that exists beyond the label itself. They need to really take a bigger picture view.”

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