MediSolutions Announces Strategic Partnership with Self Care Catalysts

— Two Innovative Companies Come Together as Part of MediSolutions’ Strategic Vision to Simplify Healthcare —

 HASBROUCK HEIGHTS, N.J., Feb. 2, 2016 /PRNewswire/ — MediSolutions, a leading provider of point-of-prescription promotion and education resources, announces a strategic partnership with Self Care Catalysts, a patient solutions, intelligence and analytics company focused on patient-centered technology solutions that complement medical modalities. The agreement brings greater focus to MediSolutions’ vision to simplify healthcare and illustrates its commitment to provide patient self-management tools for better health outcomes.

Self Care Catalysts has created an innovative product portfolio that enables patients to continue managing their care outside the clinical setting. The company’s product and service portfolio is designed to provide intelligence and insights to a host of stakeholders including physicians, pharma, and healthcare marketers. When patients are informed, respected and engaged, they make better choices. Better choices mean better outcomes.

“Our partnership with Self Care Catalysts demonstrates an evolution at MediSolutions that parallels the changes occurring in healthcare,” said Heather Derenthal, Vice President of Sales and Business Development at MediSolutions. “It marks our expansion into patient-centric solutions and illustrates our commitment to providing tools that empower patients in self-care and optimize the relationship between patients and providers.”

“Since 90 percent of patient care occurs at home, it’s critical to provide continuity in care from the clinical setting into the patient’s home,” said Grace Soyao, founder and CEO of Self Care Catalysts. “With our platform, there is a new channel to directly access patients, giving us a never-before opportunity to reach patients directly. Most importantly, it enables patients to have a voice and gain an opportunity to become their own advocates and participate in medical decision-making and healthcare innovation. This is the future of healthcare.”

MediSolutions’ partnership with Self Care Catalysts is marked by two product introductions. Health Storylines is a patient-facing platform that captures real-world behavior and insights by allowing patients to journal symptoms and emotions, while also tracking key behaviors. The information gathered can create a baseline for measurable physiological information, such as blood pressure and body temperature, as well as emotional responses before and after an episode.

The Health Storylines platform is first and foremost a self-care tool for patients, enabling delivery of patient support and targeted marketing and communications. Health Storylines also enables implementation of clinical research and marketing research to capture real evidence and patient outcomes.

Patient Storylines is the patient behavior and analytics platform that generates real-time, real- world evidence from de-identified and aggregated patient behavior data. For healthcare providers and pharma, it delivers patient intelligence and insights on various therapeutic areas that can inform planning throughout the drug lifecycle. The host of analytics can inform clinical R&D, pre- and post- commercialization and assist marketers in planning and decision-making.

“Patients who are in control of their own health and advocate for it are actually enabling doctors to provide better care,” adds Derenthal. “The individualized data that is now available to physicians as a result of technology means they are working smarter, with more information, ultimately resulting in more effective care and improved outcomes.”

The partnership capitalizes on the strengths of each company. Self Care Catalysts has access to MediSolutions’ network of 152,000 physicians, sales force and depth of experience in life sciences marketing and promotions. In turn, MediSolutions benefits from the expertise Self Care Catalysts has with its direct access to patients through its partnership with an increasing number of patient advocacy organizations and an innovative patient and enterprise solutions, intelligence and analytics platform. Self Care Catalysts has accumulated intimate patient insights from its experience mapping patient journeys in over 35 therapeutic conditions since 2011.

MediSolutions believes that truly innovative solutions that simplify healthcare must be developed through co-creation. By connecting life sciences companies with those involved in the healthcare delivery system, the company is determined to create opportunities for innovation. The MediSolutions-Self Care Catalysts partnership is one of several major initiatives planned by MediSolutions in 2016.

“MediSolutions has been providing novel solutions to providers for 34 years and this partnership marks our expansion into offering solutions for patients to actively participate and manage their own healthcare,” says Derenthal. “There is much conversation about ‘beyond the pill,’ but no one has a solution. Digital health and products like those from Self Care Catalysts are the first steps in this journey that is shifting the focus to a more meaningful dialogue between patients and providers.”

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MediSolutions has been essential in building, extending and cementing brands and their value story since 1981 as a leading provider of point-of-prescription promotion and education resources. In 2015, the company reorganized in an effort to fulfill its vision to simplify healthcare. Creating a new “Beyond the Pill” digital health division, MediSolutions is strategically positioned to co-create innovative solutions that facilitate a future in which life sciences companies and healthcare delivery systems can directly collaborate on the transformation of healthcare. For more information about MediSolutions, visit

About Self Care Catalysts
Self Care Catalysts is a patient solutions, intelligence and analytics company that enables healthcare innovation. We are committed to advocating for patients and consumers when it comes to healthcare decisions. Self Care Catalysts’ mission is to build innovative, patient-centered and technology-driven self-care solutions that complement medical modalities that will enable patients to continue managing their care outside of the clinical setting, with or without the support of healthcare professionals. For additional information, visit


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