MediSolutions Weighs in on Industry Reflections and Predictions in PharmaVOICE

The current issue of PharmaVOICE features a special forum — Reflections and Projections: the Past, Present and Future. Commemorating its 15th year of publication, the magazine asked industry experts to provide their insights on influences shaping the life-sciences industry. MediSolutions Vice President, Stephen Hoelper shares his thoughts on digital health solutions.

“The movement towards meaningful use attestation has placed the entire industry on its head. There’s a call for digital health solutions designed to coordinate patient and physician interactions while facilitating better care. Unfortunately, the reality has proved different. Many digital health solutions have introduced the unintended consequence of communication gaps that make care delivery more difficult and silo participants. In thinking of our large network of physicians and pharma partners, we’ve shifted our focus to simplifying healthcare by closing these gaps with a combination of new digital tools and traditional media, thereby facilitating meaningful conversation and collaboration among all stakeholders.”

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